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Förderverein Bauernhoftiere auf dem Ballenberg (FBT)

Over 25 years ago, enthusiastic small animal breeders founded the Association for Farmyard Animals at Ballenberg. Maybe a new pond for the geese is needed, or improvements to the bee exhibition to protect the bees more effectively from the cold and draughts. The animals which help to make the Museum a more lively and interesting place lie at the heart of this Association. 

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Im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg sind über 200 Bauernhoftiere zu Gast - auch verschiedene Rassen von Schafen.

The presentation of different kinds of native domestic breeds of animals, in all its diversity, is unique in Switzerland. In fact, in the whole of Europe, there is hardly another country which can display such a wide variety of its living culture. That is why the financial and active support of this Association and its contact with various animal breeding societies are so important.



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