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Ballenberg, Swiss Open-Air MuseumSightseeing Switzerland! Our homes, stables and barns are daily open for you.

What you can experience today at Ballenberg

    New exhibition "My Forest" open now

    Ignatia and Joseph von Moos welcome you to their home in Sachseln. The forest is the focus of the newly designed permanent exhibition. Past, present or future: Throughout the ages, people have pursued various interests in the forest and there have been a number of conflicts, some of which still exist today. Who does the forest actually belong to?

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    Gespräche am Küchentisch: Besucherinnen und Besucher verfolgen am Küchentisch die Gespräche von Ignatia von Moos mit.

    Upcoming events 2023

      New special exhibition"Who wears the trousers?"

      The strongest shorts in Switzerland? Compared to other types of wrestling around the world, the answer to this is Swiss wrestling shorts! They are the principal feature and symbol of Swiss wrestling. The new special exhibition at the Swiss Open-Air Museum recounts Swiss wrestling stories from the past and present using these unique shorts, along with a number of different items, including those from the estate of the two-time Swiss wrestling king, Karl Meli from Winterthur.

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      Die Sonderausstellung «Die Hose der Bösen: Schwingen – eine lebendige Tradition» im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg.

      News from the Swiss Open-Air Museum

        Annual theme "Let's play!"Let's play! Sports and games in Switzerland

        Did people use the same balls for bowling throughout Switzerland? Did people throw the same jacks? What are the rules of Gilihüsine, an old form of the Swiss sport Hornussen, in Betten (Valais)? And which Jass playing cards are nicer: French or German ones? The 2023 season at Ballenberg will focus on sports and games.

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        Das Familienfestival für Gross und Klein im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg.

        Vitra exhibition

        Can you live in a listed building? The dwelling from Matten BE (1021), converted in 2007, shows how a historic building can be modified in a contemporary, homely way, while preserving its original features. The furniture has been provided by Swiss furniture company Vitra.

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        Das 2007 umgebaute Wohnhaus aus Matten BE (1021) zeigt, wie ein historisches Gebäude in der Originalsubstanz erhalten und dennoch zeitgemäss und wohnlich gestaltet werden kann.

        Shopping at the Swiss Open-Air Museum Ballenberg

        At the Brienzwiler and Hofstetten Entrances and in the grounds of the museum itself, you can purchase a wide range of products from the Swiss Open-Air Museum, including food and handicrafts.

        Discover now
        Der Laden Hausgemachtes verkauft im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg Würste, Käse, Brot und viele weitere Köstlichkeiten.

        Swiss Open-Air Museum

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        6 April to 29 October 2023
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