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Ballenberg, Swiss Open-Air MuseumSightseeing Switzerland! Our homes, stables and barns are in hibernation. We will once again be open every day from 11 April 2024.

Locking up alone won’t do the trick

Many tasks must be performed before a Ballenberg building is ready for the winter break. These activities are grouped together under the term “winterisation”. These wide-ranging tasks primarily facilitate the protection of cultural heritage and are an important part of a museum’s work.

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News from the Swiss Open-Air Museum

    Working and cooking with our own wood

    During the winter months, staff in the museum’s forest are hard at work chopping down trees. They make sure that enough fuel will be available for all the kilns in the upcoming season and that the craftspeople can use this raw material to produce their products.

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    Im Winter wird dafür gesorgt, dass in der nächsten Saison genügend Brennmaterial für alle Öfen bereit lieegt.

    Vitra exhibition

    Can you live in a listed building? The dwelling from Matten BE (1021), converted in 2007, shows how a historic building can be modified in a contemporary, homely way, while preserving its original features. The furniture has been provided by Swiss furniture company Vitra.

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    Das 2007 umgebaute Wohnhaus aus Matten BE (1021) zeigt, wie ein historisches Gebäude in der Originalsubstanz erhalten und dennoch zeitgemäss und wohnlich gestaltet werden kann.

    Object collectionOver 45'000 objects

    In order to furnish the buildings, the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum collects objects from rural life and farming from the time before agriculture began to become motorised (before 1950). These items and related secondary information of all kinds relate to earlier ways of living, social structures and economic activities in the farming community, as well as crafts and commerce. Our collection currently holds over 45'000 objects.

    Vorratshaltung aus früherer Zeit – Inneneinrichtung im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg.

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