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Ballenberg, Swiss Open-Air MuseumSightseeing Switzerland! Our homes, stables and barns are open for you again.

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What's going on at Ballenberg?

    New special exhibition"Who wears the trousers?"

    The strongest shorts in Switzerland? Compared to other types of wrestling around the world, the answer to this is Swiss wrestling shorts! They are the principal feature and symbol of Swiss wrestling. The new special exhibition at the Swiss Open-Air Museum recounts Swiss wrestling stories from the past and present using these unique shorts, along with a number of different items, including those from the estate of the two-time Swiss wrestling king, Karl Meli from Winterthur.

    More about the exhibition
    Die Sonderausstellung «Die Hose der Bösen: Schwingen – eine lebendige Tradition» im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg.

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      Trachten und Tänze: Besucherinnen und Besucher tanzen mit Kindern auf dem Ballenberg.

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