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Degen Restaurant

Plan a break at the Degen Restaurant, where you can let your initial impressions of your visit to the Swiss Open-Air Museum sink in over a light lunch or coffee and cake on its large sun deck. Or enjoy the unique atmosphere inside the restaurant, which has a blue colour scheme.

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Biedermeier Fashion

The village restaurant built in Hünenberg in 1891 has a form older than its date, namely the Biedermeier mode of the 1840’s. The facade and the interior now carry the colours found in relicts to be the original ones. The calm elegance of the serving buffet in the blue dining room and the white tile stove are noteworthy, both originals from the 19th century.

Legen Sie im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg eine genussvolle Pause im Gasthaus Degen ein.

Location in the museum

View the location of the Degen Restaurant on our interactive museum map.

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Machen Sie im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg eine genussvolle Pause in den Gasthäusern Ballenberg. Im Museumsteil Balm lädt das Gasthaus Degen zum Schlemmen und Verweilen ein.

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