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All-round experience

Would you like to experience even more, perhaps by trying your hand at a workshop? Then our all-day packages for groups are just what you’re looking for. Immerse yourself completely in a theme, explore the site with our guides and try your hand at a craft.

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Erleben Sie wie frischer Käse im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg hergestellt wird.

An overview of our all-round experiences

With our all-round Ballenberg experiences, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable day at the open-air museum. On one of our themed tours, you can explore the Ballenberg site, take a peek inside kitchens and parlours of historic buildings, learn about working and everyday life in rural Switzerland and experience a typical day for a family in times long forgotten.

During the tour, you can treat yourself to a bite to eat at one of our tasting sessions and sample some regional produce or home-made Ballenberg specialities. At lunch, you can enjoy a delicious meal at one of the Ballenberg eateries.

This will leave you feeling energised for your workshop in the afternoon, which will share the theme of your guided tour. Fancy trying your hand at "sgraffito" scratch art, making Ziger cheese or baking cakes and roasting coffee in a historical kitchen? Or perhaps you’d prefer woodcarving, straw weaving or mixing a wondrous tincture with Ballenberg’s pharmacists? Which workshop appeals to you the most?

Prices and information on the all-round experiences


Day programme

Services included

Themed tour (120 minutes)
Tasting session
Lunch (excluding drinks)
Handicraft workshop (120 minutes)

Group size

Maximum 20 people per guide


Groups of 10 or more CHF 149.00 per person
Groups under 10 people pay a flat fee of CHF 1‘490.00

All prices are in CHF including VAT. These rates are valid until 27 October 2024. Prices and programmes are subject to change.

All-round experiences can be booked for adult groups (from 16 years).

Taste of Alpine farming

With our "Taste of Alpine farming" package, you can discover what life was really like in the Alps – and it wasn‘t always as romantic as it looks. And what would the Alps be without cheese? In this workshop, you’ll also make your own Ziger, Switzerland’s answer to ricotta.

Ziger or Zieger (Germany/Austria) is a whey or cream cheese, obtained directly from the whey by precipitating the residual protein. The cheese is then eaten fresh or smoked.

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Erleben Sie wie frischer Käse im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg hergestellt wird.

Varied world of architecture

With the "Varied world of architecture" package, you’ll delve into the world of architecture and practise making your own sgraffito.

Sgraffito painting is a style of mural, originally from Italy. "Sgraffiti" decorate many of the houses in Engadin and contribute to the charming village ambiance. Sgraffito art reached its height in the mid-17th century and is today experiencing a renaissance.

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Mit unserer Pauschale «Architektonische Vielfalt» tauchen Sie in die Welt der Architektur ein und üben sich in der traditionellen Herstellung des Sgraffitos.

Swiss Open-Air Museum experience

Our "Swiss Open-Air Museum experience" package immerses you in the everyday life of the past. Carve your own wooden cow and put your craft skills to the test.

Imagine the herd if you put together all the carved wooden cows tourists have stowed in their suitcases after a trip to Switzerland! In the "Cow carving" workshop, you’ll make your very own model based on a prefabricated sample.

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Das idyllische Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg mit Pferden und Kühen vor dem Stöckli aus Detligen / Radelfingen BE (333).

Skill of a craftsman

Our "Skill of a craftsman" package lets you explore the open-air museum’s workshops and put your dexterity to the test with a virtually forgotten craft: straw plaiting.

This craft was practised in the home in the 17th and 18th centuries, primarily as a sideline to agriculture. During the unproductive winter months, the whole family gathered in the warm living area to plait the straw into strips, which were then sewn together to make straw hats.

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Learn the craft of straw weaving at the Ballenberg Course Centre and the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum.

Herbs: healing and scent

With our "Herbs: healing and scent" package, you’ll delve into the world of medicinal herbs and plants. At the end, you’ll make your own miracle ointment.

Honey, propolis and lavender ointment helps soothe redness and irritated skin and can also be used as a lip salve in winter. During the workshop, you’ll be inspired by lavender oil and get stuck on bee glue (propolis), also known as an antibiotic for honey bees.

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Lernen Sie mehr zu den Heilkräuter und -pflanzen im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg.

Food throughout the seasons

With our "Food throughout the seasons" package, you can explore the open-air museum’s gardens and enjoy a coffee and some tasty treats in our historical kitchens – freshly roasted and baked on site.

Fresh from the fire: learn how people used to roast coffee and bake delicious cakes and tarts. Afterwards, you can sample what you’ve made – what a treat!

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Geniessen Sie selbstgerösteten Kaffee und selbstgebackene Leckereien in unseren historischen Küchen.

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