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Osteria Novazzano

Ticinese flair in the heart of the Bernese Oberland? At Osteria Novazzano, you can enjoy delicious Ticino specialities in the courtyard of Ballenberg’s largest building. Opening hours are weather-dependent, so please ask at the ticket office.

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Legen Sie im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg eine genussvolle Pause im Gutshof aus Novazzano TI (851) ein.

The Giant of the Museum

A building complex 44 metres (144 feet) long with 50 rooms and 1,000 square metres (10,764 sq. feet) of roof surface – in 2002–2003 we needed 200 lorry loads to carry the Ticinese farm’s stone, wood and clay tiles to the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum. Construction of this biggest building in the Open-Air Museum began more than 700 years ago. Initially there was just a two-storey dwelling house opposite a stall. The present-day complex arose from these modest 13th–14th century beginnings through additions, roof-raisings and new construction following fi res, well into the 19th century.

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Im Gutshof aus Novazzano TI (851) im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg werden Sie mit kleinen Tessiner Spezialitäten verwöhnt.


Luganighe, risotto and polenta: Ticineseo cuisine boasts a variety of wholesome dishes. At Osteria Novazzano, you can enjoy authentic specialities from the sunniest part of Switzerland.

Im Gutshof aus Novazzano TI (851) im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg werden Sie mit Tessiner Spezialitäten verwöhnt.

Swiss Open-Air Museum

Museumsstrasse 100
CH-3858 Hofstetten bei Brienz

+41 33 952 10 30

Opening hours

11 April to 27 October 2024
10 am to 5 pm daily

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