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Shopping at the Swiss Open-Air Museum Ballenberg

At the Brienzwiler and Hofstetten Entrances and in the grounds of the museum itself, you can purchase a wide range of products from the Swiss Open-Air Museum, including food and handicrafts.

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Der Laden Hausgemachtes verkauft im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg Würste, Käse, Brot und viele weitere Köstlichkeiten.

The Homemade Shop

The Homemade Shop is located in the big farmhouse from Ostermundigen, Bern (331). This specialist shop sells Ballenberg specialities, including freshly bread baked from a wood-fired oven, Ballenberg sausages and Ballenberg Mutschli cheese. The range is complemented by a selection of exquisite delicacies from the region and across Switzerland. The Homemade Shop also stocks a variety of handmade products from the Open-Air Museum’s workshops.

Ballenberg specialities in the online shop
Der Laden Hausgemachtes verkauft im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg Würste, Käse, Brot und viele weitere Köstlichkeiten.

Ballenberg Pharmacists’ Shop

The Ballenberg Pharmacists’ Shop is located in the Craftsman’s House from Herzogenbuchsee, Bern (381). The Pharmacists’ Shop is run by the Ballenbergstiftung der Schweizer Drogisten (the Ballenberg Foundation of Swiss Pharmacists). Its range includes a variety of teas, liquorice, pastilles, honey and other health and personal care products, some of which are made on-site at the Swiss Open-Air Museum.

Swiss Druggist Ballenberg Foundation
Beim Handwerkerhaus aus Herzogenbuchsee BE (381) dreht sich alles um Naturheilkunde und die Geschichte des Drogistenberufes in der Schweiz.

Kiosk from Bönigen

In the historic kiosk from Bönigen BE (1041) you can discover new items and old favourites, rarities and specialities. Besides carvings and handmade products from Ballenberg, the kiosk offers sweet treats, toys, postcards and unusual souvenirs. You’ll find here your special gift from Ballenberg and experience the unique atmosphere of a tourist kiosk as it was a hundred years ago.

Markets and vegetable stalls

Fresh and healthy: during harvest time from June until autumn, every Tuesday between 3 pm and 5 pm, our gardeners sell fresh fruit and vegetables grown in the Ballenberg farm gardens at the West Entrance.

Other Ballenberg products, handicrafts and regional specialities can be purchased from the various markets held in the grounds. The current schedule is available in our events overview.

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Die Ballenberg-Wurst ist für seinen guten Geschmack bekannt. Die Wurst wird im Bauernhaus aus Madiswil BE (321) geräuchert und kann im Laden Hausgemachtes gekauft werden.

Swiss Open-Air Museum Workshops

Products made at the Open-Air Museum can be purchased from the Museum Workshops, such as the Pottery from Unterseen, Bern (1051) or the weavers in the Dwelling from Blatten, Valais (1111). Found a hat, cup or handwoven key fob that you’d like to take home? Just ask one of our craftspeople!

Daily schedule
Im Freilichtmuseum Ballenberg wird das Handwerk Hutmachen demonstriert.

Märithüsli at the East and West Entrances

Jenni shirts, decorated with edelweiss and other motifs, are famous throughout Switzerland. The “Märithüsli” shops are run by the Jenni family and are located at the West and East Entrances of the Open-Air Museum. You can also visit the shops without a ticket for the museum.

The range in both “Märithüsli” folklore shops at the West (Hofstetten) and East (Brienzwiler) Entrances includes edelweiss shirts made on-site, homemade Ballenberg products and more.

Website of "Märithüsli"

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