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The Cattle Barn was built in 1501 and is the oldest known farm building in Central Switzerland that is free-standing, i.e. not integrated into a multi-purpose building.

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488 Years Rock Solid

This barn was built on the “Weid” farm in 1501. It stood nearly half a century there and is now the oldest known utility building in Central Switzerland that was free-standing, i.e. not integrated into a multipurpose building. In 1989 the farm was torn down to make room for a building project. The barn migrated to the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum.

Two Building Phases

The structural skeleton with its columns and morticed-in beams is largely intact. Originally the barn had a squat “Tätschdach” roof. In 1799 it was rebuilt, including a cellar, a more steeply pitched roof and an extension. The older part was incorporated into the rebuilt structure – as building within building. The new construction employed used timber, as was then common.

Press Addition

The eastern addition, separated from the old part by a passageway, accomodated a fruit press. Presumably a big lever press was installed but is no longer extant. The press displayed here documents a step toward modernisation: it is electrically driven. According to an inscription it too comes from Canton Lucerne, namely from Martin Strebel of Hitzkirch and dates from 1905.

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